nVent RAYCHEM T2Black-12 is a floor heating cable with constant power output of 12 W/m. It is a pre-terminated, dual conductor and twisted heater with a 2.6 m cold lead attached at one end. The heating cable should be embedded in a filler layer of approximatively 10-15mm. T2Black-12 is the ideal floor heating system for installation in newly constructed buildings or for renovation, and for example in conservatories or cold rooms
(refrigeration rooms). The T2Black-12 cable is particularly well suited to be used in combination
with anti-fracture membranes. T2Black-12 kits exist in variants containing a digital electronic thermostat (NRG-DM) and variants without thermostat. All T2Black-12 cables are delivered pre-terminated and on a spool for ease of installation. They are packed in a robust and handy installer friendly box containing glue sticks for easy fixing to the subfloor and a conduit in which to install the sensor.

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